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"What worries you financially and how can we help?"


Modern living pulls us in many directions. Many of the financial decisions we make as an individual are not easy. At TaxAssurances, our one stop financial shopping allows individual clients to effectively use their time to make better financial decisions.

Not for Profits

Caring and advocating is the business of not for profits. The intensity of passion for a given cause is what propels the organization forward. Financial considerations play a role in that however. That’s where we come in with our added value.

Whether it's the IRS or individual donors, there is a community outside of the organization that needs to understand what the financial position of the organization is. We work closely and intensely with its members to gather relevant information and report on the financial position of the organization. All to provide transparency and clarity to all stakeholders.

Small Business Owners

Running a business requires the owner(s) to wear many hats. Whether they are a single person firm or a team of hundreds. Making smart and timely decision is required daily. Many times owners have to make those decisions alone.